Trilogy 70

$2.00 sq. ft.

Total Area (sq. ft.)
Product Price


Key Features

Tri-Color Effect – Blends 3 uniquely different tones of green, replicating the color of real grass better than all the other turf products.

Multi-Shaped Profile Advantage – A mixed combination of “S” and “C” shaped blades gives a more natural appearance.

Low Luster Fiber – Use of low luster Polyethylene resins incorporate all the UV inhibitors of other higher gloss fibers currently in the market place. These inhibitors offer uncompromised resistance to UV exposure which results in a natural-looking blade that will perform.

Turf Size

Pile/Face Weight: 70 OZ.
Machine Gauge 1/2 IN.
Pile Height: 2 IN.


Residential and Commercial