Spring 50

$2.00 sq. ft.

Total Area (sq. ft.)
Product Price


Key Features

Artificial Grass Superstore’s new S-Blade grass products feature our exclusive Luster Guard ™ yarn technology. This new technology produces an extremely low luster and more natural-looking blade while still maintaining complete ultraviolet stability and performance.

In addition to using special, low luster resins, the S-Blade profile is extruded with a very precise ribbed texture on the surface of the blade. This unique and exclusive texture reduces light from reflecting off the surface achieving a non-shiny appearance. Innovation like this helps achieve a very natural look comparable to real grass.

Turf Size

Pile/Face Weight: 50 OZ.
Machine Gauge 1/2 IN.
Pile Height: 1.75 IN.


Residential, Commercial, Playgrounds